Advantages of making aluminum signs

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Advantages of making aluminum signs

1. Light weight. The density of aluminum is 2.702gNaN3, which is only 1/3 of that of copper and aluminum. Aluminum signs will not increase the weight of the equipment and save costs.

2. It is easy to process, aluminum has excellent ductility, easy to cut, and easy to stamping, which can meet the needs of special processes for signs.

3. Good corrosion resistance, hard and dense oxide film can be formed on the surface of aluminum and its alloys.

4. Good weather resistance, aluminum oxide film layer, many substances do not produce corrosion on it, and it will have excellent durability when used in harsh environments in industrial areas and coastal areas.

5. There is no magnetism, aluminum is non-magnetic, and aluminum signs will not cause external interference to equipment. More advertising production is available on the advertising trading network.

6. Rich in resources, the annual output of aluminum is second only to steel, ranking second in the world's total metal output.


The advantages of using aluminum signs are not only many, but also the production process is becoming more and more mature.

Metal signs are widely used in electronic products, home appliances, machinery and civilian products. The production of metal signs is mainly based on raw materials such as copper, iron, aluminum, zinc alloy, titanium, stainless steel, etc., through stamping, die-casting, etching, printing, enamel, imitation enamel, baking varnish, plastic dripping, electroplating and other processes. However, in the process of making metal signs, it is important to master a good plating method.

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