Common production materials for several metal plating signs

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Common production materials for several metal plating signs

Metal electroplating and electroforming nameplates are also known as piled gold signs. It uses screen printing or photosensitive plate making methods. After coating the plate, electroplating is used to allow the text and lines to pass through the pre-plating , Cast copper, nickel-plated, gold-plated forming raised pile gold brand. It can complete different patterns and various fonts according to user requirements. The product is durable and does not corrode, is not afraid of rain and sun, wears, and does not fade. Beautiful and generous, bright colors, clear patterns, and good brightness are indispensable car body labels for various electronic products, automobiles, and household appliances.


For the current signs, it is not only an advertising function, but many signs have the effect of beautifying the city in every corner of the city. Therefore, people's requirements for signs are getting higher and higher, and manufacturers are also trying their best to use all technologies to create practical and beautiful signs for consumers. For a metal sign that is common in daily life, manufacturers now generally use aluminum, copper, stainless steel and other materials in production. Because the metal signs made of these materials are very good in appearance. Take the aluminum plate. When choosing, it is usually a wire-drawing filter plate, which has an exquisite line and stripe path, so that the printed aluminum plate appears more delicate and beautiful. As far as the best aluminum brand is concerned, lightness, softness and beauty are its biggest characteristics, and there is a protective film on the aluminum surface that can protect the aluminum brand from scratches and keep it beautiful for a long time.

Metal signs made of different materials have different characteristics, but they also have many similarities, such as beautiful appearance, long-lasting usability, etc., so when you consider buying signs, you may wish to consider the metal signs produced by Lingda Sign Factory. Will give you unexpected gains.

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